mandag, juli 03, 2006

We have almost been here a week! It has been crazy seeing everyone again. Some things have not changed at all while some things have a great deal. Like, for example, my friends children who are between the ages of two and four. They have grown up in so many ways! It is incredible what a year can do to thier vocabulary and physic. Also the Outer Banks youth have matured too. I was thrilled to talk to some who seem to be well rounded young adults already. I was somewhat sad to miss all that has been going on in thier lives but stoked to be a witness to what they have become.

Less relational, more geographical, my grandparent's beach in front of thier cottage....that has changed a great deal. There is like a cliff out front that you have to jump from to get to the water because of beach erosion. I will have to post some pictures of that in the future. Also there is two new banks, a huge hotel where Kitty Hawk peir still stands victoriously, a new police station off Kitty Hawk road, an ABC store up and coming, Liberty has a brand new building that is waiting carpet, Chad and April's house is almost complete and my mom has a new chair that I am dying to take home with me. O, she has new dishes, too! Much, much more has happened and I will let you know when it all comes to me.

One thing that hasn't changed, however, is the wonderful love of friends and family all around. Simon and I are so blessed to be in the midst of all of it. Thank you, Lord!

(Inger and Jorg, thanks for informing us about your week and for the beautiful pics of misse katten. Can't wait to hear all about Germany!)

The fourth is tomorrow and there will be more pics up after April and Chad's Slip-n-Slide 4th party.

The Cherckas

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